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The Sport Medicine Clinic – Ottawa Campus is back at our home building at the Minto Sport Complex (801 King Edward Ave, C209).  The Sport Medicine Clinic is open to the general public/community, University of Ottawa faculty, staff and students, recreational and non-recreational athletes.


Book online! We understand that making it easier and faster for our patients to get access to their care is of utmost importance. Enjoy the flexibility of online booking by picking a time and date that works for you. For now, Online Booking is available for Physiotherapy and Massage appointments only. Click here for more information.

Sport Medicine Physicians:

Sport Medicine physicians have specialized training and skills that position them to be caregivers for active patients of all ages. They have an interest in the promotion of lifelong wellness and fitness, as well as in prevention, diagnosis and management of illness and injury.

  • Dr. Gary Greenberg
  • Dr. Valerie Hindle
  • Dr. Marie-Josee Klett
  • Dr. Pauline Lin
  • Dr. Sean Mindra 
  • Dr. Aaron Fahey
  • Dr. Anita Pozgay


  • Dr. Michelle Mathias 
Orthopedic Surgeon:


Our aim is to be leaders in orthopedic rehabilitation through innovative and evidence based practice.

Massage Therapist:
  • Carlole-Anne Charlebois


Monday – Thursday: 7am-7pm
Friday: 7am-5pm

Phone: 613-416-8902
Fax: 613-701-8877


Minto Sport Complex
Room:  C209
801 King Edward Ave
K1N 6N5

Book Your Appointment Online – Coming soon!
Please call 613-416-8902 to make an appointment with any of our healthcare providers
or for general information enquiries.

Sport Medicine:

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment
  • You may be subject to a $50 fee for missed appointments or short notice cancellations (within 24 hours).
  • Please bring appropriate footwear (running shoes) and loose fitting clothing such as shorts, t-shirt or sleeveless shirt and a sports bra for females (especially for those receiving shoulder treatment).
  • Check in at the front desk when you arrive; you will be given forms to complete.
  • Bring your Health Care Card to show the receptionist.
  • We are a high volume specialty clinic and certain circumstances may arise that can cause clinicians to run behind. Please be prepared to possibly experience delays.
  • Follow-up sessions can be booked with our receptionists.
  • If your provider recommends an aid-in-recovery (e.g. brace, tape, rehab equipment), it may be available for purchase in our clinic. You are welcome to ask for assistance at the front desk.


If you would like to make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists, please call 613-416-8902.

For Your First Visit: What can you expect when you make your first visit to The Sport Medicine Clinic- Ottawa Campus

The interview: Your physiotherapist will do a thorough interview with you.  The initial assessment will include a detailed history of your current injury or complaint, as well as a discussion
about past injuries or surgeries, sports and home activity requirements.

The examination: The physiotherapist will perform a local postural examination and do a thorough biomechanical assessment of the injury to identify all areas that may require strengthening, mobilization, myofascial work, neurodynamic mobility or postural correction.

The explanation: At the end of your assessment, you will have a good understanding of the source of your pain. You and your physiotherapist will identify your goals for recovery and an individual treatment plan will be made.  Your treatment will begin following the assessment during your initial visit.  The initial appointment usually lasts approximately an hour.

The treatment: Over the course of your next few visits, your physiotherapist will treat your injury, as well as show you any home exercises that will become an important part of your recovery
and return to activity. You will be an active participant in your treatment and recovery. You should bring appropriate clothing for treatment and assessment. For lower body injuries (lower back, foot, leg, hip or groin), bring comfortable shorts. For upper body injuries (head, neck, upper back, shoulder or arm) you should bring a tank top or t-shirt. 

Scheduling follow-up visits: At the end of your visit you’ll schedule return appointments for additional treatment and monitoring as you return to health. If you have any questions, you can ask them of your physiotherapist before you leave.

Mask Mandates and COVID-19 Protocols

  • Face masks are now optional in clinic
  • Recommended face-covering for all patients entering the clinic – we kindly request that you bring your own mask. If you wish to wear a mask, one will be provided to you.
  • All doctors and healthcare providers will wear a mask if requested when interacting with you.

If you have any questions about this information relating to your upcoming appointment, please contact the clinic directly at